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Student Services

To all a good write provides four great services so high school and college students can improve papers and their skills.

Basic Edit - This is a quick check for spelling mistakes and obvious grammatical errors. It is designed for students who are in a hurry and/or who are confident in their writing skills and simply want a fundamental review of their work.
At $5 per page, this is our least expensive service, making it great for students on a tight budget.

Full Edit - With this service, the student's work receives the best editing available. The editor provides a rigorous review of the paper consisting of, but not limited to:

  • Correcting typos
  • Finding punctuation errors
  • Finding grammatical errors - from the basic to the complex
  • Improving sentence structure and paragraph structure
  • Ensuring a consistent tone throughout the paper
  • Eliminating redundant words and thoughts
  • Suggesting more appropriate wording

This service, costing $7 per page, is suggested for students of all skill levels. The Full Edit provides all writers - from novice to advanced - a vigorous review of their work and many opportunities for improving their skills.

Full Edit with Consultation - The student receives all of the features of the Full Edit plus a one-on-one consultation with the editor.

During the consultation, the editor will:

  • Review all mistakes and discuss why the errors are, in fact, errors
  • Discuss all suggestions for improvements
  • Provide tips to help the student prevent making the mistakes again

This service is suggested for students of all skill levels who want a more personal and engrossing experience. If you learn better by seeing an instructor face to face, then this service is ideal for you. The novice writer will learn a wide range of lessons, and improvement will likely come quickly. Intermediate and advanced writers will benefit from the more sophisticated and detailed ideas the editor provides - concepts students might have forgotten or might not have considered.

This service is the best value To all a good write offers. The price is $7 per page for the Full Edit, $30 for the first hour of consultation, and $10 per 20 minutes after the first hour. Also, consultations can be given even if the student has nothing to be edited. Students are charged the full price of each time period no matter if the full time period has been used. If the student does not live in the Wilkes-Barre, Pa., area, phone consultations are available. The student will be responsible for paying any long-distance fees to his/her respective phone company.

WriteStart-to-Finish - This is the most comprehensive service we offer. With Start-to-Finish, the editor works with the student every step of the way - from brainstorming ideas to reviewing all of the rough drafts to editing the final draft and providing a post-edit consultation. The editor will be on call at any time, within reason, through e-mails, telephone calls or personal meetings to help you at any point in the paper-writing process.

Although students of all skill levels with any assignment can benefit from this service, Start-to-Finish is designed especially for two types of students:

  • Students working on term papers, master's theses or dissertations
    These papers can make or break students - and careers. By working with a To all a good write editor, the student has an ally for every idea developed and every word written.
  • Those who are new to the writing process and find themselves lost from beginning of the assignment
    The editor will provide these students with good habits from the start and will be committed to their development throughout the paper-writing process.

This service is customized and the price is determined on a client-by-client basis.

Things you should know

How we provide services - Our services are available in two ways:

  • Online - Papers are uploaded through this Web site, edited and then downloaded back to the client.
  • Off line - A copy of the paper is given to the editor, he corrects it the old-fashioned way - with a pencil - and returns the paper to the client. So, don't worry if you don't have access to a computer.

What is a "page" ? - Most of our editing services are charged per page. For online editing, a "page" is defined as written in 11-point, Arial regular type with all margins at default settings. If a document is not received in this format, To all a good write will convert it. For off-line editing, an editor will define a "page" before work begins.

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